Upcoming Features

Get a sneak peek! Discover what's on the horizon for the EasyFortniteStats Bot.
These are the planned features.

Just Implemented [V3.4.1]

  • Account System: Buy BattlePass and Levels
  • /account info: Ban Information, XP Information

Next Update

  • Account System: Locker filters (x days not in ItemShop, Exclusive Items)
  • Account System: Friends overview
  • Account System: Auto Creator Code (Premium)
  • Account System: Code overview and claiming
  • Account System: Creator Code earnings Stats (Premium)
  • /island to lookup a creative island
  • /account creator-code: Creator code search support
  • /player-count: more time windows including 1 Month, 1 Year


  • Linked Roles: Fortnite Connection
  • Button below Item Shop message for Shop History

Near Future

  • Competetive Turnement Feed + Placement
  • Overhaul news command with blog entries + Blog entry auto channel
  • Item Shop Reminders + Autobuy for Account System + Overview of purchased items
  • Command translations

Unforeseeable future

  • Save the World mission alerts
  • LTM Updates + Active command
  • Item Shop Voting with global results
  • Weapon Info command