Live patches are updates in which changes are published directly after development. In contrast, with normal updates, the changes are first published in a preview on the beta bot and then published all at once on the normal bot after completion.

V3.7.0 - 2024-06-25


  • New Reminder Feature

    • Set reminders using /reminder add to receive notifications once an item is available in the item shop.

    • View all your reminders with /reminder list.

    • Delete single reminders with /reminder remove or clear multiple reminders with /reminder clear.

    • Normal users can set up to 10 reminders, while🔸Premium users can set up to 50 reminders.

  • Added Linked Roles

    • The connection will show your Fortnite player name, Battle Pass level, lifetime wins and best current rank in Battle Royale or Zero Build.

    • Enable users to self-assign roles by linking their account to EasyFortniteStats.

  • Added support for User Apps

  • Added recent gifts to the gift overview in /account info.

  • The bot now automatically redeems all real-money purchases upon login or starting a new account session, ensuring that recently purchased V-Bucks and other items are always available.

  • Added Power System option to Lego island settings.


  • Reworked Item Shop Image

    • Redesigned to closely resemble the in-game interface.

    • Improved visualization of new cosmetics such as LEGO sets and car bundles.

    • Enhanced visibility of Creator Code.

    • Aspect ratio adjusted to almost a square, increasing preview size.

    • Significantly reduced image size for faster loading, especially on mobile devices.

  • Reworked /account info

    • Reordered sections to prioritize relevant information.

    • Improved selection process for recent V-Bucks purchases.

    • Enhanced visual formatting for better readability.

  • Clarified instructions in select menus for setting up channels or roles for auto-updates.

  • Improved error messaging when selecting an invalid friend in /account battlepass gift and /account shop gift.


  • Removed /faq commands, since it isn't used much.


  • Resolved issue preventing some cosmetics from being displayed with /cosmetic.

  • Resolved issue with /island not working.

  • Fixed errors occurring with recent purchases in/account info.

  • Resolved issue with friend overview selection in /account friends overview when having many friends.

  • Fixed an issue, when trying to redeem an expired code with /account redeem-code.

  • Resolved issue when attempting to gift an item to a friend who does not accept gifts with /account shop gift.

  • Fixed an issue that caused all /account commands to fail [Hotfixed in V3.6.1]

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the shop from being published [Hotfixed in V3.6.1]

V3.6.1 - 2024-03-24 - Live Patch


  • Added support for Aura, Drift Trail, Boost, Lego Build and Lego Decor Bundle cosmetics

  • Added support for new Friendly Damage option in /account lego commands.


  • Locker cosmetic type filter now summarizes a few types e.g. all car related items in "Cars"

  • Improve visualization for crowned wins for season stats in /account info.

  • The voting advertisement in the automatic shop updates has now been better integrated as a button


  • Removed creative news, since they got discontinued in late 2021


  • Fixed shop being hung, when item shop is empty.

  • Fixed an issue that items be available in /account shop undo or /account shop refund as undoable (free refundable), even trough they aren't. This was the case, when an item has been purchased, undone, purchased again and then tried to undo again.

  • Fixed an issue that caused a wrong message to be displayed when logging out.

  • Fixed an error when using /account friends overview, but no friend got an avatar.

  • Fixed an issue, where users where available to bypass the Creator Code ad.

  • Fixed an issue, which caused the Battle Pass related feature to be unavailable.

  • Fixed an issue, so a proper error message will be shown, when using invalid friends in /account shop gift.

  • Fixed an issue with the Server Status, that caused maintenance state to cause issues.

  • Fixed an issue with the V-Bucks overview in /account info.

  • Fixed an issue for gifting autocomplete, due to friends have never played the game.

  • Fixed an issue with /cosmetic showing an error message for a few cosmetics

V3.6 - 2024-01-20


  • New Locker Filters:

    • Introducing additional filters for the locker, enabling users to filter cosmetics based on exclusivity, uniqueness, availability from Fortnite Crew, FNCS, Save the World, those not in the Item Shop for 1000+ days, and Battle Pass items.

    • Added the ability to filter cosmetics by chapter.

    • When selecting a filter within a single category (e.g., different cosmetic types), all items associated with each selected option will be included. However, when opting for options from distinct filters (e.g., cosmetic type + chapter), only items present in both filters will be visible.

  • Support for New Cosmetic Types:

    • Extended support for new cosmetic types, including Car Bodies, Decals, Wheels, Jam Tracks, Guitars, Basses, Drums, Microphones, and Keytars in the item shop, /cosmetic command, and /account shop commands.

  • LEGO Fortnite Support:

    • Generate worlds with /account lego generate and delete them with /account lego delete.

    • Manage access to your worlds with /account lego share-key and /account lego remove-key to add or remove key holders who can play at any time.

    • Gain a comprehensive overview of your LEGO Fortnite worlds with /account lego list, providing information on settings, total playtime, key holders, and currently playing players.

  • Added an overview for purchased/redeemed V-Bucks in the /account info section.

  • Introduced the new /account redeem-code command for effortless code redemption within Discord.

  • Added /account friends overview for a comprehensive view of your friends.

  • Added the /island command, offering a detailed overview of creative islands, complete with the current player count. This command supports island searches by Name, Tag, and Code.

  • 🔸Added auto Creator Code refresh for premium users. Set this up with the new /account settings command.


  • Reworked the shop image to be significantly wider and more readable.

  • Reworked Server Status:

    • Now includes Crew, Fortnite Lego, Rocket League Racing, and Fortnite Festival status.

    • Switched to using Discord timestamps for a more accurate countdown, eliminating the need for frequent updates every few minutes.

  • Improved the /account login command by allowing its use again while in an active login session. Old sessions are now closed, and the command has a 30-second cooldown.

  • Reworked the radio system's internal structure for a potentially more stable experience.

  • When not selecting a cosmetic type filter, the overall amount of cosmetics will now be displayed.

  • Enhanced the calculation of player count for the /player-count command by including more maps, resulting in an even more accurate representation of active players.

  • The bot will no longer respond when replying to its messages, only when mentioned.

  • Reversed the V-Bucks purchase history to show recently purchased items first.


  • Removed the ability to pause the radio player.


  • Resolved an issue preventing creator code info from appearing for premium users on the /account battlepass buy-levels command.

  • Fixed a bug causing Fortnite player searches to not function as expected (e.g., the /stats command).

  • Addressed an issue occurring when a user attempted to add themselves as a friend.

  • Corrected the gift requirement to be set at 2 days instead of 3.

  • Fixed issues with the account system after deleting user data with the /data user delete command.

  • Resolved an issue where users were being logged out during server issues with Epic Games servers.

  • Fixed a bug causing the shop to be sent again, even though no visible item was changed.

  • Fixed a bug where some emotes may appear multiple times.

  • Fixed an issue preventing a return to already viewed cosmetic selections in the locker.

  • Fixed an issue preventing changing pages in the locker.

  • Fixed an issue that showed the cosmetic amount in filters 1 higher than it was actually.

  • Solved an issue that caused all cosmetics to be shown when selecting a filter that included no owned cosmetics. Instead, a proper message will be shown.

  • Fixed an issue that caused cosmetics in the locker to be sorted improperly.

  • Resolved a bug where the shop image failed to include the section title, leading to a misalignment of items displayed in an extended, single row. [Hotfixed in V3.5.1]

  • Solved an issue that caused cosmetic sources to display as "???" even though the source is already known. [Hotfixed in V3.5.1]

  • Fixed an issue that, after changing premium shop settings, the bot doesn't show an image after using /shop [Hotfixed in V3.5.1]

  • Fixed an issue which was caused when using disabled accounts with the account system. Now, a proper message will be displayed. [Hotfixed in V3.5.1]

V3.5.1 - 2023-11-06


  • Implemented a small account overview feature that activates when an already logged-in user utilizes the /account login command. This provides users with a quick summary of their account details for added convenience and awareness.


  • Not linked users can now use the /stats command with the added option to directly link their account, eliminating the need for an additional /link command.

  • When setting or changing channels or roles in the settings, the selected values are now consistently displayed, providing users with clear confirmation of their choices.

  • Updated the locker account value formula from 1$ = 125 V-Bucks to 1$ = 111 V-Bucks to align with recent changes in V-Bucks pricing. [Hotfixed in V3.5]

  • Added a note to the /account locker command explaining how the locker value is determined, providing users with transparency and clarity.

  • Enhanced the calculation of player count for the /player-count command by including more maps, resulting in a more accurate representation of active players.

  • Changed the Creator Code command from /account creator-code to /account creator-code set for future-proofing and clarity in command usage.

  • Premium users now have the ability to select a creator code before making purchases trough the account system

  • Implemented various optimizations to enhance overall system performance, ensuring a smoother and more efficient user experience.


  • Resolved an issue where users could unintentionally receive premium benefits after ending their subscription through Discord

  • Addressed timeouts occurring in the /account commands, where the application failed to respond.

  • Fixed a problem with bundle discounts in the /account buy command; when users already possessed most items in a bundle, it now correctly displays and offers the bundle at the minimum price.

  • Rectified a rare occurrence where the shop would appear multiple times.

  • Eliminated the occurrence of creator code ads appearing when premium users purchased items through the bot.

  • Corrected game mode-specific player counts not updating and inaccurate peak player counts.

  • Resolved users getting stuck after encountering an error message during account login.

  • Implemented a workaround for account commands to consistently fail for a small subset of players.

  • Improved the error messaging for specific cases in the /account battlepass buy-levels command.

  • Fixed delays in the /account shop commands, ensuring the latest items are promptly displayed.

  • Addressed an issue where an error message was shown instead of proper information when using /account shop gift without selecting a valid friend.

  • Fixed an issue causing an error message when users searched for refundable items without recent purchases.

  • Rectified display issues with refundable items in /account shop refund [Hotfixed in V3.5]

  • Corrected the prevention of the shop from being updated [Hotfixed in V3.5]

  • Fixed the unavailability of gift selection [Hotfixed in V3.5]

  • Resolved issues with the Shop command when executed by users with a different language setting than the server, ensuring premium elements display correctly [Hotfixed in V3.5]

  • Fixed premium rights distribution to Patreon subscribers due to the introduction of free Patreon memberships [Hotfixed in V3.5]

  • Rectified the Shop command in DMs [Hotfixed in V3.5]

  • Addressed inflated numbers in the /player-count command [Hotfixed in V3.5]

  • Corrected the /account battlepass buy command for the new season following significant changes [Hotfixed in V3.5]

V3.5 - 2023-08-27


  • New Ranked Stats:

    • Build and Zero Build Rank with progress tracking

    • Unreal Global Ranking

    • Lifetime Competitive Stats expansion: now includes Ranked Stats, Tournament Stats and Legacy Arena Stats

  • Discord App Premium Integration:

    • Subscription is now available both via the Bot's profile and the App Directory

    • Subscription pricing remains the same ($5 + tax). However, a $0.5 discount is applied on Patreon to offset fees

    • Enhanced view for the Premium overview

  • Added a feature to the /drop command: users can now choose only named locations. [Suggested by @fhl09]


  • Stats Commands Overhaul:

    • Stats commands now mandatorily require the player option. This lets users select the linked account or Discord user or search for a player

    • The input type option and pre-selection has been removed, instead the accumulated Global input is selected by default

  • Streamlined Account Linking:

    • The Link and Verify processes have been merged into a single system. Users simply need to open the EpicGames verification page

  • Disabled the account verification feature in the account system due to its confusing nature and potential misuse by account traders

  • Revamped the /help command by introducing new icons and incorporating previously missing commands from the Account and Misc categories

  • Enhanced the /cosmetics command's shop history feature, which now organizes consecutive days to provide a more coherent and concise overview

  • Optimized the message output for the /event command to offer a more refined and informative experience


  • Addressed an unresponsiveness issue (resulting in an "interaction failed" error) occurring during specific time periods

  • Rectified an error encountered when utilizing the /account refund and /account undo commands in cases where a user had no recent purchases

  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the initial message from being sent after configuring the item shop, server status, or news

  • Corrected an issue that caused unintended information to be included in automated item shop or server status posts, potentially leading to advertisements in premium server messages

  • Enhanced the error message handling for the /account shop gift command to provide clarity when a player is ineligible for gifting

  • Adjusted the shop image stroke for discounted prices

V3.4.1 - 2023-06-09

This updates focuses on Bugfixes and Improvements for the recently introduced Account System


  • Introduced new commands for Battle Pass and additional levels:

    • /account battlepass buy: Purchase the Battle Pass or the Battle Bundle (Battle Pass + 25 levels)

    • /account battlepass buy-levels: Purchase additional Battle Pass levels. Discounts, like the 25 level bundle, are automatically applied


  • Updated/account info:

    • Added information about Supercharged XP

    • Included the number of purchased Battle Pass levels

    • Added a level progress bar to display the current XP

    • Provided information about current and past bans

    • Simplified the Season section

  • Simplified responses for the /data server get and /data user get commands

  • Made volume selection persistent in the radio menu, eliminating the need for a separate button

  • The Bot now displays users who choose a new username without the #0 at the end


  • Deployed over 50 fixes for the new account system introduced in V3.4.0. The system now works well with only minor quirks

  • Fixed a major issue that could blocked users from accessing any /account command for an hour

  • Fixed issue that friend related commands autocomplete doesn't work, which prevented users from accessing these

  • Fixed issue that prevent users from gifting items, due to a bugged gift wrap selection

  • Fixed the text in /account shop gift command when gifting an item.

  • Fixed /data user get for users that are logged in to the account system

  • Fixed issues with the Gift History in /account info

  • Fixed error which appeared in some cases when purchasing something with an insufficient amount of V-Bucks

V3.4.0 - 2023-04-21

This patch is the finalize the migration from prefixed commands (e.g. !fn shop) to slash commands (e.g. /shop).


  • Added new Account Management System [BETA]: This new System allows you to manage your Fortnite Account right from Discord

    • /account login - Login into your Fortnite account

    • /account locker - View your locker items, filter them and check your account value

    • /account info - Get an overview of your account

    • /account claim-daily - Claim your daily Save the World reward

    • /account creator-code - Set your current creator code

    • /account shop buy - Buy an item from the item shop

    • /account shop gift - Gift an item from the item shop to a friend

    • /account shop undo - Undo a recent purchase

    • /account shop refund - Refund a purchase using a refund token

    • /account friend add - Add a player as a friend

    • /account friend remove - Refund a purchase using a refund token

    • With more coming soon including: Friends overview, Auto Creator Code, Auto Daily Claiming

  • Added new /player-count command that's displays the current and past player count history

  • Added a new /image command to manage images for premium custom backgrounds

  • Added support


  • Reworked Item Shop image: Item Shop image has been reworked. This now looks similar to the game.

    • Readability has been improved by decreasing the vertical size accomplished by the new form factor and split

    • Shop Categories, Bundle discounts and an icon referring to special items had been added

    • Creator Code visibility has been improved

  • Source for cosmetics in /cosmetics are now available for almost any item, however just in English

  • Radio stability has been improved. Especially 24/7 mode works now more reliable.

  • Item shop image, stats image, season progress bar image and drop image generation speed have been improved

  • All mentions of commands are now clickable. When you click on them you can execute the command directly

  • Setting up automatic updates like Item Shop, News, etc. has been temporarily changed to dropdown menus.

  • Setting custom creator codes now works via a modal, a popup with a text field.

  • Changing premium custom background is now accomplished by a dropdown menu. These image can be managed with /image

  • Rework /event command. It now include better timestamps and includes all events.

  • Improved volume selection for radio

  • Improved handling of prompts which require to confirm and possible follow-up messages

  • Improved button menus that cause fewer problems and improve performance


  • Fixed error message when activating nick stats although another nick stats type is already enabled

  • Fixed an issue that caused data to not be saved properly, resulting in data loss or delayed availability

  • Fixed arena hype lookup

  • Improve overall performance by reducing the high workload caused by background tasks

  • Users who use Portuguese (Brazil) language, some parts of the bot were displayed in normal Portuguese. This issue has been fixed.

  • Fixed /drop image markers being off due to a change in Season 2


  • All prefixed commands (commands starting with !fn, such as !fn shop) have been removed. The bot now works exclusively with slash commands

  • Removed support for custom prefixes for premium users. This change is accompanied by the removal of prefixed commands.

  • Remove Challenge related features

  • Remove support due to shutdown

V3.3.2 - 2022-06-15

This patch is an emergency fix due to recent bot crashes.

Discord extended the Slash Command enforcement until 09/01/2022. Our migration period has been extended until 08/01/2022. This date marks the end of the availability of text commands. (eg.!fn shop)


  • Added /fn command which will be suggested by Discord when using the text commands on Desktop.

  • Added support for multi-language for the item shop


  • Improve player name-check when using the stats command without autocomplete


  • The bot crashed in the past while generating the shop occasionally. This sometimes caused complete bot crashes after a few hours.

  • Fix /shop command if a user set their Discord language to Japanese and Korean

  • Shop images now show Japanese, Korean, and Russian characters correctly

  • Fix /info, /server-status, /stats, /shop command in DMs

  • Fix /radio, /nickstats command being available in DMs. These commands now only show up on servers.

  • Fix buttons in the stats menu sometimes failing

V3.3.1 - 2022-05-17

This patch mainly contains under-the-hood changes that implement recently released Discord features.


  • Implemented Discords new Command Permissions System available under Server Settings -> Integrations -> EasyFortniteStats

    • /setup, /settings, /data commands are only available for members with Manage Server permissions


  • The stats command's name option now provides search functionality for Fortnite Player names.

    • This function supports searching for EpicGames, Xbox Live, and Playstation Network player names.

    • EpicGames player IDs are also supported

    • Alternatively, you can enter a name or ID without selecting an option.

  • The /radio command can now be used without selecting a radio station in the command itself. Instead, a dropdown selection is shown. This is especially useful when just resuming a radio session.

  • The /radio menu always shows a dropdown for switching the radio station, instead of going through 2 steps.

  • We fixed a performance lack which should result in better performance and should reduce "Interaction doesn't respond" error messages

  • Improved stats image creation speed

  • Most commands have been enabled in direct messages

  • Selecting a player name and a Discord user at the same time in the /stats command now results in an error message for clarification.

  • Improved a few messages to make things clear


  • Fixed an issue that caused an endless loading state when retrieving your stats or linking your account

  • Premium enabled server wasn't able to use the /data server commands.

  • Fixing issue problems when interacting with the radio menu while the bot is disconnected

V3.3.0 - 2022-02-01

This update introduces a 3 month transition period from normal Text Commands (eg.!fn shop) to the new Slash Commands (eg./shop). On 04/01 all text commands will finally be disabled.


  • Added support for Slash Commands. All previously available commands are available as normal commands and slash commands.

    • Some command error messages are now Ephemeral Messages, which will only be shown to the user who invoked the command

    • The /stats provides a list of available input types.

    • /challenges now provide you a list of available weeks for the optional week argument

    • /news now provides the list of modes to select from

    • /radio provides you the list of available radio stations

    • Instead of having individual !fn bplvl or !fn wins commands, the slash command implementation uses /nick-stats. This also provides a list of available types.

    • !fn seasoninfo command was renamed to /season as a slash command

  • Added a Context User Command which allows receiving the stats of a specific user. Just right-click a user in your server -> Click ''Apps" -> Select "User Stats"

  • Added /cosmetics Command which provides details about a specific cosmetic.

    • This command is only available as a slash command

    • Cosmetic Names can be autocompleted

    • Pro mode command option available. This will provide more details often useful for leaks.

  • Added an option to /settings that allow the bot to prefer the user's language over the server language. Active by default.

  • Nick Stats now support Arena Hype using /nickstats stats-type:Arena Hype points

  • Added game-info argument to /season command. This provides general information about the game. [Slash command only]


  • Improved speed of receiving stats

  • When using a text command the bot replies to the user's command.


  • Fixed error which blocked creative news setup

  • Fixed error which occasionally when pre-selected an input type and switching the stats type which didn't have stats for the desired type yet

  • Fixed issue that the bot doesn't respond if selecting an input type which the player never played with

  • Fixed an error that was raised when using a quote like character in the stats text command (eg. ", , )

  • Fixed error which occurred when setting up automatic updates and providing an invalid channel or role and the bot got no permissions to respond

  • Fixed rare issue which caused an error when starting the radio

  • Fix rare issue which breaks the auto channel setup

V3.2.1 - 2021-10-23


  • Switched the verification System: The new verification isn't based anymore on accepting a friend request and providing a 4-digit code. Now you just need to log in with your account on the EpicGames website and need to authorize EasyFortniteStats to verify your account

  • Temporarily disabled the challenges command, due to the new challenges format which has been introduced in Season 8.

  • Reduced radio quality from 384kb to 128kb for a more stable experience


  • Fixed problem which caused that the verification stopped when clicking the checkmark icon in direct messages

  • Fixed a problem caused that other users were able to interact with buttons from commands invoked by other users.

  • Fixed an error that occurred when using !fn challenges [week] with a non-number argument for the week.

  • Fixed an issue that news wasn't updated properly

  • Fixed possible errors which occurred while setting up a bot feature and messages were already deleted

  • Fixed a problem which caused that the hype amount displayed where wrong.

  • Fixed problem which didn't fully respect pre-seasons and may caused displaying the wrong arena hype value

V3.2.0 - 2021-09-04


  • Added support for Discord's new buttons. Following features support buttons:

    • Challenges (including seamless switching between weeks)

    • Stats (including seamless switching between input types and stats types eg. Lifetime)

    • News (including seamless switching between Gamemodes eg. BattleRoyale)

    • Radio (more details below)

    • Map (shortcut to open the map in full quality)

    • Drop (generate a new location with just one click)

    • Help (more details below)

    • Confirming (Verification, Data deletion)

    • Settings (General, Shop, Challenges, ServerStatus)

    • Voting (Shortcut to open main Vote page)

  • Automated News Updates: News can now get automatically posted into a specific channel like challenges or the item shop. This feature can be set up with !fn news settings

  • Radio Stable Release: Radio has been now finally been implemented. It's more stable and less buggy. All subcommands have been removed. Only !fn radio is needed to open the player which lets you manage the bot with the new buttons.

    • Added 24/7 Playback for premium users🔸

    • Due to the extra required resources, volume control is only available to premium users 🔸

  • Help rework: The help command has been fully reworked and now supports buttons and dropdown menus.

    • Commands are now sorted into categories

    • Categories can be navigated with a dropdown menu

    • A bot news section has been added to the help command

  • Settings Rework: Settings have been redesigned with buttons. Also !fn settings is now a place to reach all bot settings including Shop, Challenges, etc.

  • Stats now let you select an account if there are multiple accounts with the same name

  • Added !fn review to show off all pages to review the bot.

  • After setting up automatic updates, initially all data is sent into the channel. (latest shop, current seasons cheat cheats, etc.)


  • The bot doesn't require the "Add Reactions" permission anymore

  • The general bot speed has been optimized

  • Dates and Times shown by the bot are now based on your timezone

  • Countdowns/Relatives Dates/Times now automatically updated


  • Fixed that Arena Hype was reset too early for most users

  • Fixed a few wrong terms and typos

  • Nick Stats setup has been fixed

  • Fixed mentions in shop updates

V3.1.0 - 2021-05-21


  • Competitive Stats: Get just your Arena and Tournament matches including Arena Hype, Division, Earnings, and's Power Ranking (!fn comp)

  • Seasonal Stats: Only display the stats that you have earned in the current season. (!fn season)

  • Season Command: View info on the current season and progress (!fn seasoninfo)

  • Added Trio Stats in Stats image

  • Added support for server and user data deletion (!fn data server delete, !fn data user delete)

  • The Bot has been added to


  • Reformatted Stats Image

  • Moved FAQ to docs (!fn faq)


  • Fixed issue that selections work when adding the same reaction in another channel

  • Fixed issue that bot lobbies still included

  • Fixed verification error message if an account is claimed

  • Fixed shop command which doesn't work in rare cases

  • Fixed issue that the shop image is sometimes missing

  • Fix that BattlePass level progress bar broken on too small progress

  • Fix reaction doesn't work on verification start

V3.0.0 - 2021-03-08

V3 is a complete overhaul of V2. The source code has been 100% re-written and nothing was copied from the old Bot. This causes that all bugs from old versions to get fixed. V3 offers a fresh new feel and look without being unfamiliar.


  • Account Verification: Verify that you own a specific account and get benefits (!fn verify)

  • Nick Stats: Show off your BattlePass level or wins in your nickname. More types coming soon! (!fn bplvl, !fn wins)

  • Global Stats: You now can now also get all stats from all different input types combined

  • News: The bot now supports BattleRoyale and Creative in-game news (!news, !news creative)

  • Fortnite Radio: Listen to the Fortnite in-game radio channels live in Discord. (!fn radio)

  • Fortnite Shop now supports multiple languages

  • Stats image now show off how often you placed Top 25

  • Premium now will be automatically granted and can be en/disabled through a command (!fn premium)

  • All reaction/text menus have been overhauled. You also can react during reactions are getting added

  • !fn challenge now takes a [week] parameter for quick access eg. !fn challenges 3 ➡️ Shows the week 3 challenge cheat

  • User with Manage Server permission can now also modify the bot

  • !fn cluster command for Cluster overview

  • !fn data command to receive the data saved by the bot

  • Prefix setting for Premium users (!fn settings)


  • Changed the Stats calculation.

    • More LTM stats and Trio are now included in Stats Calculation

    • Bot Lobby rounds are no more counted

  • New Stats image design (!fn stats)

  • New Item Shop image design (!fn shop)

  • !fn challenges now support up to 15 instead of 10 weeks

  • !fn drop has been overhauled by adding more locations that get automatically updated. Also, the location gets marked on the map.

  • The Information shown in !fn info was updated

  • Updated the !fn event command with the latest events


  • Instability issues have been resolved. Crashes or timeouts should now be rarer.

  • No, half or wrong challenge images were shown

  • No more "Please finish your last action before you can execute another command." 🎉


  • Score, Average Kills, and Stats won't be displayed anymore, because they were irrelevant or duplicated

  • Support for getting stats from other members by Name#Tag (This change was made due to Discord limitation and may be changed when Discord add an alternative way)

  • Removed Danish and Ukraine due to missing translator and low demand

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