V3.2.0 - 2021-09-04


  • Added support for Discord's new buttons. Following features support buttons:

    • Challenges (including seamless switching between weeks)

    • Stats (including seamless switching between input types and stats types eg. Lifetime)

    • News (including seamless switching between Gamemodes eg. BattleRoyale)

    • Radio (more details below)

    • Map (shortcut to open the map in full quality)

    • Drop (generate a new location with just one click)

    • Help (more details below)

    • Confirming (Verification, Data deletion)

    • Settings (General, Shop, Challenges, ServerStatus)

    • Voting (Shortcut to open main Vote page)

  • Automated News Updates: News can now get automatically posted into a specific channel like challenges or the item shop. This feature can be set up with !fn news settings

  • Radio Stable Release: Radio has been now finally been implemented. It's more stable and less buggy. All subcommands have been removed. Only !fn radio is needed to open the player which lets you manage the bot with the new buttons.

    • Added 24/7 Playback for premium users🔸

    • Due to the extra required resources, volume control is only available to premium users 🔸

  • Help rework: The help command has been fully reworked and now supports buttons and dropdown menus.

    • Commands are now sorted into categories

    • Categories can be navigated with a dropdown menu

    • A bot news section has been added to the help command

  • Settings Rework: Settings have been redesigned with buttons. Also !fn settings is now a place to reach all bot settings including Shop, Challenges, etc.

  • Stats now let you select an account if there are multiple accounts with the same name

  • Added !fn review to show off all pages to review the bot.

  • After setting up automatic updates, initially all data is sent into the channel. (latest shop, current seasons cheat cheats, etc.)


  • The bot doesn't require the "Add Reactions" permission anymore

  • The general bot speed has been optimized

  • Dates and Times shown by the bot are now based on your timezone

  • Countdowns/Relatives Dates/Times now automatically updated


  • Fixed that Arena Hype was reset too early for most users

  • Fixed a few wrong terms and typos

  • Nick Stats setup has been fixed

  • Fixed mentions in shop updates

V3.1.0 - 2021-05-21


  • Competitive Stats: Get just your Arena and Tournament matches including Arena Hype, Division, Earnings, and's Power Ranking (!fn comp)

  • Seasonal Stats: Only display the stats that you have earned in the current season. (!fn season)

  • Season Command: View info on the current season and progress (!fn seasoninfo)

  • Added Trio Stats in Stats image

  • Added Privacy Policy:

  • Added support for server and user data deletion (!fn data server delete, !fn data user delete)

  • The Bot has been added to


  • Reformatted Stats Image

  • Moved FAQ to docs (!fn faq)


  • Fixed issue that selections work when adding the same reaction in another channel

  • Fixed issue that bot lobbies still included

  • Fixed verification error message if an account is claimed

  • Fixed shop command which doesn't work in rare cases

  • Fixed issue that the shop image is sometimes missing

  • Fix that BattlePass level progress bar broken on too small progress

  • Fix reaction doesn't work on verification start

V3.0.0 - 2021-03-08

V3 is a complete overhaul of V2. The source code has been 100% re-written and nothing was copied from the old Bot. This causes that all bugs from old versions to get fixed. V3 offers a fresh new feel and look without being unfamiliar.


  • Account Verification: Verify that you own a specific account and get benefits (!fn verify)

  • Nick Stats: Show off your BattlePass level or wins in your nickname. More types coming soon! (!fn bplvl, !fn wins)

  • Global Stats: You now can now also get all stats from all different input types combined

  • News: The bot now supports BattleRoyale and Creative in-game news (!news, !news creative)

  • Fortnite Radio: Listen to the Fortnite in-game radio channels live in Discord. (!fn radio)

  • Fortnite Shop now supports multiple languages

  • Stats image now show off how often you placed Top 25

  • Premium now will be automatically granted and can be en/disabled through a command (!fn premium)

  • All reaction/text menus have been overhauled. You also can react during reactions are getting added

  • !fn challenge now takes a [week] parameter for quick access eg. !fn challenges 3 Shows the week 3 challenge cheat

  • User with Manage Server permission can now also modify the bot

  • !fn cluster command for Cluster overview

  • !fn data command to receive the data saved by the bot

  • Prefix setting for Premium users (!fn settings)


  • Changed the Stats calculation.

    • More LTM stats and Trio are now included in Stats Calculation

    • Bot Lobby rounds are no more counted

  • New Stats image design (!fn stats)

New Stats Image Design
  • New Item Shop image design (!fn shop)

New Shop Image Design
  • !fn challenges now support up to 15 instead of 10 weeks

  • !fn drop has been overhauled by adding more locations that get automatically updated. Also, the location gets marked on the map.

  • The Information shown in !fn info was updated

  • Updated the !fn event command with the latest events


  • Instability issues have been resolved. Crashes or timeouts should now be rarer.

  • No, half or wrong challenge images were shown

  • No more "Please finish your last action before you can execute another command." 🎉


  • Score, Average Kills, and Stats won't be displayed anymore, because they were irrelevant or duplicated

  • Support for getting stats from other members by Name#Tag (This change was made due to Discord limitation and may be changed when Discord add an alternative way)

  • Removed Danish and Ukraine due to missing translator and low demand