Tune in and game on! Learn how to set up EasyFortniteStats' radio feature, bringing Fortnite's in-game radio straight to your server.

The radio function allows you to listen to the radio stations from the game, which are usually only available when driving a car.

To start a radio session, simply join a voice channel where the bot also has access to. The /radio command makes the bot join and starts playback.

🔸Premium features

  • 24/7 playback - The player won't stop, if you leave the channel and also reconnect, after the bot restarts

  • Volume control - By default volume is set to 50% to save bandwidth. You will be able to adjust it up to 200%

Permissions and DJ Role

By default, the currently active player is owned by the player who started it. Additionally all users with Administrator or Manage Server permission can also interact with the player. Furthermore a role named Fortnite Radio (name isn't case sensitive) is also able to control the player at any time.

If only team members should be able to access the radio, for example, because it runs in 24/7 mode, all users should have their permissions removed for the /radio slash command.

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