Invite Bot

Ready to level up? Follow our simple steps to invite the EasyFortniteStats Bot to your server.

Step one

Visit the following site:

Step two

You should now see a menu like this:

Now tap or click Select a server. A drop-down menu should appear including all servers you gotManage Server permissions in. Select the server you want the bot to join. Afterwards click continue.

Step three

After selecting a server, you should see something like this:

As long you are not experienced with Discord's permissions system, keep all permissions selected. Click the Authorize button and complete the Captcha. You now should get redirected to this page.

Invite troubleshooting

I can't find my server. What's the reason?

The main reason for your server not appearing in the drop-down menu is the use of the wrong account. Make sure you're logged into the right account which you can check on the top of the invite screen. You should see your profile picture and Discord tag. If it's the wrong account, press the Not you? button.

Discord asks me to verify my e-mail address.

If you like to add a bot to a server you require an account with a verified e-mail. Head over to your user settings and verify your e-mail.

Which permissions are required for what reason?

Manage Nicknames


Manage Webhooks

Automatically Shop, Challenges and Server Status updates

View Audit Log

Optional for NickStats¹

Read Messages

Optional for some interactions

Send Messages (in Threads)

Optional for some interactions

Embed Links

Almost every command

Attach Files

Few commands upload files like images

Read Message History

Automatically Shop, Challenges and Server Status updates

Mention @everyone, @here, and All Roles

Automatically Shop, News, and Server Status updates (when mention role is enabled)

Use External Emojis

Many commands, for a better visual experience


Fortnite Radio feature


Fortnite Radio feature

Defean Members

Fortnite Radio feature

¹ Members can set their BattlePass level or wins in their nickname

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